January 20, 2010

Industrial Polluters Forced to Spend $5 Billion on Pollution Controls in 2009

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) has released enforcement results for FY2009 on a new web-based tool and interactive map that allows the public to search for enforcement actions by location. The maps show facilities where civil enforcement actions were taken for air, water, storm water, and land pollution, and a separate map shows criminal enforcement actions.

Image of USEPA Environmental Actions Map
Viewers can click on specific facilities to find information about specific enforcement actions, including violations and monetary penalties. In addition, viewers can use the zoom function to find out which facilities are located near water bodies that are listed as "impaired” because they do not meet federal water quality standards.

EPA mapped the locations of more than 90 percent of the facilities that were the subject of enforcement actions last year. EPA did not map the locations of drinking water treatment plants due to potential security concerns.

The new mapping tool will help increase transparency, improve access to data, and provide the public with the bigger picture of enforcement activity occurring in communities around the country.

In 2009, the USEPA required polluters to invest more than $5 billion on pollution controls, cleanup, and environmental projects. Business and property owners committed to reduce pollution by approximately 580 million pounds annually once all required controls are fully implemented.

E2 Environmental, Inc. can help protect your interests and make sure you are in compliance with all USEPA regulations and to address potential USEPA enforcement actions so you are not listed on the 2010 Map of All Enforcement Actions.

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